Welcome to our School

We are a very small, happy learning community set on the West Coast of Cumbria. Learning is at the very heart of everything we do and we work really hard to make sure that all our students are excited and curious about the world about them and develop the life skills they will need to be happy, successful, confident and resilient young people.

At Beacon Hill we consider that the success of the school lies in striving for the very highest achievements - 'Reaching for the Stars' - and we set high expectations, encouraging all our students to go further in all areas.

We are very proud of our inclusive approach and our excellent pastoral care based on strong student identity and friendship. Our students enjoy coming to school, have positive attitudes, participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and many achieve more than they first thought possible!

Behaviour in and around the school is good and we expect nothing less! Our aim is to encourage responsible, cooperative behaviour and self-discipline for everyone.

Our students are taught in small classes with excellent facilities and follow a traditional curriculum enabling them to leave school at sixteen with the best choices, whether that is a local sixth form, apprenticeship and or college. We are proud that we have the lowest NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) figure in the area and have achieved this over the last ten years!

Our success depends on providing inspirational teaching and learning, highly skilled learning support staff and in the close working relationships that we have with our parents. We do all we can to develop and encourage this.

We believe our school is outward looking and it is our vision that all young people at Beacon Hill will benefit greatly from the strong partnerships and sense of common purpose which the school has developed with our parents, local and regional communities.

This website contains important information about our school, our policies and our expectations of our students. We hope that it will provide you with useful information whether you are a student, parent, member of staff, governor or a member of the public simply interested in finding out more about our unique school.


Bike Club

In preparation for the end of term cycling activity day, bike club will be held on both Wednesdays to 4.30pm and Thursdays ride out so approximately 6pm.

Uniform Orders

We currently have 3 suppliers of our school uniform: West Lakes Embroidery, Coniston & Tesco.  Please be aware that all have different deadlines for ordering in time for the new academic year. See our uniform page for more details of each supplier and how to order.

Absences during term time

Headteachers have very limited discretion to grant leave and may only do so in exceptional circumstances as detailed in the absences request form.

Where an absence during term time is agreed to be unavoidable, it is vital that it does not coincide with examinations or other important tests that your child has to take. This is particularly crucial in year 10 and 11 when students take GCSE Controlled Assessments throughout the year.

Key Stage 3 (Y7, Y8, Y9) – See school website for specific dates.
Key Stage 4 – Y10 internal examinations and Y11 mock examinations, December.
GCSE May/June - contact school for exact dates.

Please note: We advise that you do not plan for your child to be absent from school without gaining prior agreement first by submitting an exceptional circumstances absence request form.  Headteachers cannot retrospectively authorise absence from school under any circumstances.

  • The school has developed a really positive culture for learning, as a result of high expectations of both staff and pupils.
    Local Authority 2013
  • Students have good attitudes to learning and are keen to succeed.
    Ofsted 2013
  • A welcoming, friendly atmosphere pervades the school.
    Ofsted 2013
  • Progress is tracked effectively and extra help given quickly to students who need it.
    Ofsted 2013
  • Students and their parents are very appreciative of the good personal support the school gives.
    Ofsted 2013
  • Students receive timely and well-focused help from both teachers and teaching assistants.
    Ofsted 2013
  • Teachers know their students extremely well and work is closely tailored to students' individual needs.
    Ofsted 2013
  • The curriculum meets the needs of individual students particularly well [providing] a balance of academic and vocational courses for students to study at GCSE.
    Ofsted 2013
  • Students benefit from a very wide range of activities which enrich the curriculum... a wealth of field trips, sporting activities and drama productions.
    Ofsted 2013
  • The views and talents of individual students are equally valued; discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and all have equal opportunities to succeed.
    Ofsted 2013