Welcome to our School

Whether you are a prospective student, parent or a member of the wider community interested in finding out more about our thriving school, we hope that our website will provide you with a new insight into the life of Beacon Hill Community School.

We are a small, dynamic learning community in the historic town of Aspatria situated on the edge of the Solway Plain.

Personalised learning is at the very core of everything we do, ensuring students develop the academic and life skills essential to be successful, confident and resilient young people.

At Beacon Hill Community School we provide a calm and ordered learning environment which allows students to enjoy high quality learning experiences that transform their lives.

Mr D Millne



Replies for both the above need to be returned before half-term. See letters home for details & reply slips.


Replies due for this year's French trip by Monday 5th June, payment by Monday 10th June. See letters home for details & reply slip.


Exams have now begun!

Y11 have all been shown where there are revision materials stored for them to copy. There are text books and documents for each subject - they're stored in the Y11 Global folder, on the school system, in a sub folder called " Revision Documents". Students will need to copy them onto a memory stick to take home and use for exam preparation.
Parents please encourage them to do this ASAP.  If you don't have a memory stick Mrs Quinn has some cheap ones for sale.

All students have been given  copies of their post May revision timetable. One is the master timetable and the other has blank spaces to customise to their individual option subjects.


Due to the recent spate of mindless vandalism it means that we must, reluctantly, tighten up security and access. As such, please can we make it clear that there is no public access allowed to any of the school grounds or facilities outside school hours unless as part of an authorised club with permission from the school. This includes, but is not limited to, the Astroturf, tennis courts and


Please note when leaving answer machine messages regarding an absence that we need the following information:

  • Student's name
  • Your name
  • Reason for absence
  • Expected time/day return to school

Be specific about nature of illness or absence e.g. attending A & E due to an injury or stomach bug. We aren't able to authorise non-specific messages. Parental contact by telephone or in person is expected by 9.30am on first day of absence and on subsequent days a daily update is required unless a specific timespan has been advised by a medical professional e.g. a hospital stay. If there has been no parental contact the absence will remain unauthorised.


Routine appointments for dental check-ups should be arranged for outside the school day or during school holidays. We appreciate that emergency and orthodontics appointments are sometimes unavoidable within the school day; however please provide us with appointment cards or letters.



  • My time at Beacon Hill provided a massive range of opportunities which have proved valuable not only whilst studying at sixth form and when applying to university, but also in everyday life.
    Former student, 12 A*-C grade GCSEs
  • When I left Beacon Hill I had a career path in mind; I wanted to teach. This was down to 5 brilliant years at the school. I was inspired by my teachers who encouraged and supported me to believe in myself and my abilities.
    Former Student
  • We are impressed with how both of our children have settled in and are progressing though the school. We find staff understanding & helpful.
    Parent Survey 2015
  • Progress is tracked effectively and extra help given quickly to students who need it.
  • The school has developed a really positive culture for learning, as a result of high expectations of both staff and pupils.
    Local Authority 2013
  • The curriculum meets the needs of individual students particularly well [providing] a balance of academic and vocational courses for students to study at GCSE.
  • Students have good attitudes to learning and are keen to succeed.
  • Evidence from pupil interviews, work scrutinies and HMI visit indicates that the Stage not Age curriculum is impacting positively on the quality of learning in the school.
    Local Authority 2015
  • Students benefit from a very wide range of activities which enrich the curriculum… a wealth of field trips, sporting activities and drama productions
  • Teachers know their students extremely well and work is closely tailored to students’ individual needs.