Years 7 and 8 are grouped and rotate with Technology & PE. Each group has a double lesson and each half term are given a booklet which includes the recipe plan and homework tasks. The aim of the course is to encourage a love of cooking and an understanding of the provenance of the food we eat alongside the need to eat healthily.

Work is differentiated to support each student and the small size of class allows for lots of individual support. Aprons, hats, tea towels etc are all provided. Students must inform the teacher if they are unable to provide ingredients and they will be available for cost price. Ingredients should be weighed at home with help/support so that the student understands the process. A container must be brought, complete with name, so products can be taken home. Monitored fridges are available to store ingredients and products.

It is anticipated that there will be some inter school activities/competitions, with Solway Community School.

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

There are 2 groups: Years 9/10 and Year 11. Both groups are small and each pupil has their own work area but are encouraged to help and support each other. As well as cooking weekly we follow the Food Preparation & Nutrition WJEC syllabus. Hygiene and working safely feature highly during each lesson. The department is well resourced and the students are encouraged to be adventurous whilst making products that their family will eat.