Building on topics and skills developed in at key stage 3 students opting for GCSE history will follow the AQA GCSE History course.

AQA GCSE History is taught in conjunction with our partner school, Solway Community School. Students study some of the most turbulent and troubled times in the 20th century from the origins of the First World War through to the struggle for civil rights in the USA. Under the new GCSE arrangements, they will also study an aspect of British history in detail. At Solway, this will involve how medicine and health developed in Britain from 1000 AD to the present day as well as a detailed look at the Norman Conquest of England in the late 1th  century. As part of this unit of study, students will also investigate an aspect of the historic environment of Norman England which may involve a site visit.

At the end of Year 11, assessment will be as follows:

Paper 1 Understanding the Modern World: Opportunity and Equality, 1920-1973, and Conflict and Tension, 1894-1918.

Paper 2 Shaping the Nation: Health and the People, 1000 to the present day, and Norman England, 1066-1100.

The course will provide students with the knowledge, skills & attributes to successfully engage in understanding the modern world.

History is recommended for students with a keen interest in the topics studied and also those who have a strong level of english.  Students who have previously studied History often progress onto sixth form, enjoying careers in law, journalism, teaching, the army, become Prime Minister and perhaps even present Top Gear.