Our School

Beacon Hill School is a fully comprehensive co-educational, 11-16 school controlled by the Cumbria Education Authority. It serves the area of Aspatria and surrounding villages.

Our Mission

Beacon Hill Community School provides an individually tailored education in a nurturing and rich learning environment. We ensure all our students become aspirational, independent and confident young adults.

Our Vision

‘Building futures through learning’

Beacon Hill Community School aims to provide a caring, stimulating environment where every child can be successful. We passionately believe in placing young people at the heart of the learning process.

In order to do this we will:

Create a caring community based on mutual tolerance and respect; a community in which the unique nature of each individual is recognised, valued and supported irrespective of their ability, gender, faith or background.

Promote a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in our students and a framework in which their views and ideas are respected developed and expressed.

Develop the potential of every member of our school community and build a culture of success and challenge.

Develop the self-esteem and confidence of every child regardless of ability and background.

Offer a, broad and balanced curriculum which is stimulating, innovative and rich and develops understanding, skills and knowledge of all learners so that they achieve high standards and make excellent progress.

Introduce all students to a wide range of educational opportunities and experiences from which to make sense of the world and enable them to be happy, responsible, resilient and resourceful young adults.

Provide opportunities and introduce students to the wider world so they may seize opportunities and challenge themselves to go further than they believe is possible.


  • My time at Beacon Hill provided a massive range of opportunities which have proved valuable not only whilst studying at sixth form and when applying to university, but also in everyday life.
    Former student, 12 A*-C grade GCSEs
  • When I left Beacon Hill I had a career path in mind; I wanted to teach. This was down to 5 brilliant years at the school. I was inspired by my teachers who encouraged and supported me to believe in myself and my abilities.
    Former Student
  • We are impressed with how both of our children have settled in and are progressing though the school. We find staff understanding & helpful.
    Parent Survey 2015
  • Progress is tracked effectively and extra help given quickly to students who need it.
  • The school has developed a really positive culture for learning, as a result of high expectations of both staff and pupils.
    Local Authority 2013
  • The curriculum meets the needs of individual students particularly well [providing] a balance of academic and vocational courses for students to study at GCSE.
  • Students have good attitudes to learning and are keen to succeed.
  • Evidence from pupil interviews, work scrutinies and HMI visit indicates that the Stage not Age curriculum is impacting positively on the quality of learning in the school.
    Local Authority 2015
  • Students benefit from a very wide range of activities which enrich the curriculum… a wealth of field trips, sporting activities and drama productions
  • Teachers know their students extremely well and work is closely tailored to students’ individual needs.