As a science department, we aim to provide a stimulating environment, using innovative teaching to support students to reach their full potential. Our specialist teachers encourage those ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ questions and deeper discussion that goes beyond the core curriculum.

Here at Beacon Hill we have two large and versatile science laboratories with interactive whiteboards; one of which has an annex with computers which allows for research, data-logging investigations and small group work. Our technician supports the department ensuring availability, maintenance of equipment, as well as supportive administrative tasks.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

Students are taught by stage-not-age in year 7 & 8. Through this arrangement we can stretch and challenge students who more readily grasp the scientific concepts and for smaller, supportive, groups for those who find science more challenging. Teaching assistants and SEND staff support as required ensuring that all students make progress.

The content is taught through short units of work, focussing on a particular area of the curriculum. Our emphasis is on encouraging discussion, modelling and practical research tasks to embed scientific knowledge long term. Students are assessed regularly, following teaching topics, and via larger summative tests through the year.

Year 7 & 8 students cover the KS3 national curriculum over the two years in preparation for the move to KS4.

Where possible, trips are arranged to enhance understanding and to provide insight into the impact of science and technology in everyday life. We also invite speakers into the school, and started this year with a visit from The REACT Foundation and The Science Museum who provided an interactive and engaging show for all of KS3 students.

Key Stage 4 (9 – 11)

Students may follow one of two routes to gain their GCSEs:

Route one: Students follow the AQA Combined Science: Trilogy scheme towards GCSE Double Science. They will cover comprehensive units in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which will be examined at the end of their course in Year 11.

Course Specification: Combined Science : Trilogy

Route two: Students may follow the AQA Scheme towards Triple Science GCSE, which gives them three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, assessed separately at the end of Year 11.  Much of the content is the same as for the Double Science, with the addition of a third unit of teaching in each science, taught in additional Triple Award classes.

Triple Science provides a more comprehensive foundation for students wishing to pursue a career in science.

Course Specification: Biology, Chemistry & Physics